Qingdao Tailong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing,installing,selling steel structures and undertaking various kinds of steel sructures. 
The processing equipment includes automatic submerged arc welding machines, assembling machines, slitters, and shot blasting machines etc. Our main product ranges have H beam, C and Z shape steel purlins, color steel panels, sandwich panels, steel pipe and so on. These products are applied to workshop, warehouse, shop, prefabricated houses, and large space structure ect.
With advanced technology, strict guarantee system, pragmatic spirit of enterprise , best services and innovation, we have won outstanding achievement and reputation. We are now providing our products to both domestic and overseas market, such as South Korea, Turkey, Venezuela, Australia, and Africa etc. 
In addition to providing all kinds of standardized steel structure products. TLSS can also design and build various special personalized building systems for customers, mainly including the products in various space grid structures-space lattice, bridge structure, cable-membrane structure, tower mast structure, tension structure and other profiled structure.
In combination of the production principle of special & complex steel structure and the rich experience accumu-lated in practice for many years, TLSS manages its R&D department to constantly develop and innovate various new techniques and processes, make in-depth research, ana-lysis and repeated modeling comparison on the drawings and every coordinate provided by the design in the light of characteristics of each project under the premise of re-peated research, mastering the principle and rule of com-ponent formation, find out the forming principles and rules of components, so as to formulate a scientific, high quality and constructive construction plan with strong operability for the detailed design, processing of components, which can meet the individual requirements such as large span, high space, multitudinousness and unique style.